Bauer supreme s 29 ijshockey schaatsen

Bauer supreme s 29 ijshockey schaatsen

The Bauer Supreme S29 Ice Hockey Skates offer a comfortable anatomical fit with elite level performance to hockey players skating about twice a week as well as younger players in a growing stage. The Bauer Supreme S29 ice hockey skate brings plenty of great technology to an affordable price point. The Bauer Supreme S29 hockey skate is constructed with a 3-D Fiber Composite+ quarter package for a supportive and responsive fit. The Supreme S29 skate features an anatomical fit with a thermoformable upper and lightweight memory foam padding at the ankle for increased comfort and a custom feel. The liner on the Supreme S29 ice hockey skates is a Hydrophobic microfiber liner that helps dry the skates out after use faster and keep the skates lighter. The Supreme S29 hockey skates also feature an upgraded fiber composite outsole for a lightweight performance, a 2-piece 48 oz felt tongue with high-density reinforced metatarsal guard for reduced lace bite and a tight feel, the Lightspeed Edge holder for quick steel replacements, and LS1 runners.
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