Bauer Vapor x60 ijshockeyschaatsen

Bauer Vapor x60 ijshockeyschaatsen

In many ways, Vapor has long been the skate that all others are compared to. With countless pairs sold and overwhelming NHL use, the Vapor legacy is simply undeniable. The Bauer Vapor X60 provides a great combination of support and comfort with an iconic Vapor fit – perfect for the player looking for a solid foundation while still refining there game. Consisting of a standard width through the toe box and forefoot with a low-volume, narrower fit in the heel and ankle, the X60 offers the lowest-volume fit overall when compared to its Supreme and Nexus counterparts. While the Vapor fit may not work for every foot type, those who do benefit from its fit characteristics often swear by its “second skin” fit and feel. The X60 is built off a Sublimated Tech Nylon upper with classic Vapor X-rib design. This combination provides intermediate-level performance and comfort at an amazing price point. The X-rib design has long been a distinguishing feature of Vapor skates, providing added structural support for faster acceleration and quicker turns. The X60 features many refined comforts, making it as comfortable as it is dynamic. A Hydrophobic microfiber liner helps wick away moisture while keeping the boot lightweight, while the Anatomical 40 oz. tongue consists of two pieces and features additional metatarsal padding, providing added protection. The boot sits atop a Lightweight, Pro-8 beveled TPU outsole with Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder. This holder design provides an added three millimeters of height (in comparison to standard Tuuk Lightspeed) allowing the skater to get lower to the ice for sharper, tighter turns without “bottoming out”, all while allowing runners to be changed out in seconds with the pull of a trigger. The EDGE holder is complemented by Bauer’s EDGE Super Stainless runner. If you’re a Vapor fan looking to take your game to the next level, check out the Vapor X60 today!
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