CCM Tacks 1052 elleboog bescherming


CCM Tacks 1052 elleboog bescherming

The Tacks 1052’s showcase JDP caps. The Joint Discharge Principle (JDP) uses the principle that the cap should disperse energy from an impact away from the fragile joint and into the big surrounding muscles. This concept is applied to the 1052 elbow cap and is widely popular with many players. To provide great mobility, the senior model of Tacks 2052 is designed as a 2-piece construction. The bicep guard is constructed with single density foam. In the forearm we have a single density foam overlay which is reinforced with a plastic insert to provide a really good wrap and lightweight protection. The liner is made with brushed nylon; the inside of the pad will be soft so your arm will be more comfortable. For the strapping system CCM uses a 2-piece design, the bicep strap is a thick elastic strap, and the forearm strap is a locking webbing strap that gives great security. If you are looking for something that will provide a volume lock down fit with proven JDP technology protection, check out CCM’s Tacks 1052 elbow pads.
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