CCM Rbz 75 le

CCM Rbz 75 le

The CCM RBZ 75 White Limited Edition skate was created for the player with a unique sense of style that puts a high value on comfort and support, but still has a need for speed and wants to maximize explosiveness and reaction speed. It has a generous anatomical fit profile with a standard heel. Unlike the higher end RBZ skates, the RBZ 75 White LE has a bit more of a traditional fit and follows the typical "1.5 sizes smaller than shoe size" rule of thumb. Skate fit, however, is ultimately a matter of personal preference. The outer shell of the RBZ 75 White LE uses a sublimated tech mesh with a compound blend inner core. These two elements in conjunction with a relatively stiff inner layer, creates a sandwich-like construction that offers a good amount of lateral support. Heel lock is enhanced through the use of 6mm EVA foam, which is both comfortable and accommodating. The tongue is made of a combination of 7mm white felt plus foam and includes added Lace Bite Protection. The RBZ 75 White LE has a vented composite outsole which serves as the platform for mounting the SpeedBlade + 4.0 holder. This holder offers an additional 4.0mm height which provides a significantly deeper angle of attack for tighter turns, which will give you a competitive edge on races to the puck! SpeedRibs near the top of the holder help to increase torsional rigidity. The RBZ 75 White LE senior model comes with the SpeedBlade Stainless Steel runner. Unique style, comfort, support and a holder designed to give you a competitive edge, the RBZ 75 White Limited Edition skates from CCM are a great value. They also , happen to be among the lightest skates in their class. Worth considering, for sure.
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