Tempish goaly helm hero


Tempish goaly helm hero

Goalie mask HERO. The mask is made of extremely durable ABS plastic designed to meet the needs of competitive and professional players. - It is certified IFF. - New anatomical padding bandage-based PE with adjustable chin guard. - The forehead is based on a removable strip of absorbent material CoolMax, which is excellent care of ventilation. - Mask to perfectly fit any shape of head and face due to the design, the shape of the skeleton and internal banding material cable ties. - Improved air ventilation is made possible by properly placed vents. - A new type of protective grilles made ​​of high quality steel protects the face and eyes and provides, together with the shape of the mask stay on top of the game. - The elongated portion protects the neck under the chin. - Size:senior 1 maat zeer geschikt voor inline hockey
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